The Shetland Bus Friendship Society

The Shetland Bus Friendship Society own and run the Scalloway Museum and are always keen to welcome new members and to continue existing memberships. Click on the form below to download a form to become a member.


The Shetland Bus Friendship Society was formed in 2001 to cement the links between Shetland and Norway forged during World War II and to keep the memory of the Shetland Bus alive.

In 2003, the Society built a memorial on the seafront in Scalloway dedicated to the memory of 44 Shetland Bus men who gave their lives fighting for Norway’s freedom. As well as commemorating wartime events each year at the memorial, the membership and committee then turned their attention to the possibility of enhancing the record of this wartime activity in Scalloway through museum exhibition.

When the Society was invited to take over ownership and management of Scalloway Museum, suitable premises were located in Scalloway and converted.  As a mark of the significance of this new record of the wartime links between Shetland and Norway, the museum was officially opened by the former Norwegian Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg on 17th May 2012.

Click on the image below to download a membership form, which can be returned to the museum at the address on the form:

NB: Membership gives you a season ticket to the museum, as well supporting the SBFS charity’s activities. Membership is also available in the museum. Just ask at the counter! You can also purchase a season ticket in the museum, which gives you unlimited access for one season.

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*If you wish to return the form by email, return the completed form to: enquiries and ask for details on how to pay electronically.