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Scalloway Community Council identified the need to erect a memorial to those who took part in the Shetland Bus operations in World War II


Mrs Barbara Melkevik, widow of a Shetland Bus man, unveiled the Memorial on 21 June, 2003, attended by a large crowd.

Shetland Bus Memorial (Shetlopedia)


Queen Sonia

Queen Sonia of Norway visited the Scalloway Shetland Bus Memorial ©Mark Burgess

Memorial is visited by Queen Sonia of Norway.

Queen Sonia of Norway’s Speech


Ground breaking ceremony for the new museum project

Press Release for Ground-breaking Ceremony


May 17th Opening of the Scalloway Museum temporary exhibition

Scalloway Museum 2011 (Shetlopedia)


The Scalloway Museum’s high profile opening was covered both in the UK and in Norway.

Jens Stoltenberg

Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg declares the Scalloway Museum open. May 17th 2012 ©Mark Burgess

The opening ceremony, on Norwegian National Day of May 17th, that Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg travelled across to perform the opening ceremony. Representatives of the UK government also attended, but the willingness of the Prime Minister to travel out of Norway for this event on the National Day marks the significance given to the museum and it’s Shetland Bus exhibit by Shetland’s Scandinavian neighbours.

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Prime Minister’s Speech at Shetland Bus Memorial

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