Scallwag framedWelcome to Scallywag’s Haad – Online!

Hello, I’m Scallywag and I’m the Scalloway Museum Children’s Section mascot. The children’s section in the museum is called Scallywag’s Haad (a haad is the Shetland Dialect name for an otters holt, which is its hidey-hole home and Scallywag’s Haad is my home!)

In Scallywag’s Haad you will find games; a castle; a viking longship; a dressing-up box and lots of interesting information about Scalloway and Shetland!

Here, in my online haad, you will find some games, activities and information to download. Click on the links below to download.


Shetland Bus Wordsearch (Click to download)


Colouring In Page


Education Resource Pack


More Colouring In