Scalloway Museum is owned by a charity, the Shetland Bus Friendship Society (SBFS), and run by volunteers. The charity was formed in 2001, to instate a memorial to those who served and died in Shetland Bus operations during World War II.  The memorial was unveiled in 2003. The group continued, and went on to achieve the museum you see before you today.

The Shetland Bus was the name given to clandestine operations to and from occupied Norway during the war. The full story of the memorial and the Shetland Bus are told in the Scalloway at War section of this museum.

Scalloway had a small museum. SBFS led a group that was formed to find a new larger home for the museum exhibition. This building, a disused knitwear factory, was made available.  In 2006 SBFS became the owner.  Once the building work was complete, the community helped decide content for the displays.

On this Website, we provide information on some of the huge range of content contained in the museum exhibition. 


Visitors to the museum

A group of Swedish visitors enjoy the patio seats. The castle is reflected on the museum exterior. © Billy Moore


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